Quafra services in the recruitment and education does cut cross the employment sector. It strategicallyA� provides in-house and out-sources workforce services. Hence, we have good working term to meet theA�employment vital values.

Mission statement: a�?working relationship means secure employment / joba�?.

Objective: Founded on education and recruitment, it seek to establish the following-

  • Allow jobs to discover you.
  • Productive employment.
  • To make workforce ambitious.
  • Job must be of profit.
  • Going concern stays with growth.


Individuals are the priceless resource.

The dependable product ever had been.

These contributions are the development ever could be?


Services to the employer and job seekers:

Type of workforce:

  • Care (home and institutional workers).
  • Construction work (site and remote workers).
  • Factory work (assembly and none-assembly worker).
  • Housekeeping (commercial and domestic).
  • Office work (front and back office staff).
  • ResearchesA�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�

Reason for a�?one-stopa�? shop for workforce:



Base for both jobs offers and job seekers.

Free advert for clients.

Select your staff without strings.

24/7 hours services.


A�A� Strength

Qualified workforce.

Local workforce.

Continuous training.

Well reward workforce.

Coordinated workforce.

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